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Transportation, Adjusting the Temperature and Ph, and Release

The hatchery can deliver fish on our specially equipped tank truck.  When we deliver on our truck, we will acclimate the fish to your pond before we unload.  We adjust temperature, water hardness, and Ph to reduce stress.  This process usually takes about a half hour to forty five minutes. 
You can pick your fish up at the hatchery, which we prefer for small quantities.  If you transport them, we ask that you bring a 30 inch ice chest (empty) to keep the temperature uniform during your trip, or we can provide cardboard boxes.  We put the fish in a plastic bag liner filled with 6 to 8 inches of water with 7-15 fish per bag depending on time of year and temperature.  Once the fish are bagged, the remaining volume of the bag is filled with pure oxygen. 
It is important, especially with small fish, that environmental conditions not be changed too rapidly.  When transporting the fish, keep the box out of the sun.  Hot car trunks are not recommended‑ If you can keep the box inside an air conditioned vehicle, that is best.  When introducing the fish into your pond, simply place the unopened bag in the pond for 20 to 30 minutes to allow for a gradual adjustment of water temperature in the bag to that of the lake.  After that, open the bag and let some pond water enter the bag.  Let this sit for a few minutes.  It will adjust the PH and hardness slowly.  Release the fish without handling them.

In the unlikely event that your fish appear to be in distress, such as the bag leaking, it may be best to release them more quickly.  Generallly a ten degree difference in water temperature can be lethal.  GIve them the time they need to adjust temperature.  If there is on;ly a couple degrees difference, you ca choose to release them immediately.  It is very unusual to have any problems of this nature.


We can deliver any number of carp

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