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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

End of the Season

We had a great fall stocking season, despite the warmer than normal weather in September delaying our shipments a few weeks.  We had many customers who have never seen so many weeds in their ponds.  This is due to the low rainfall and hot days, which are ideal for weed growth.  Hopefully this won't be repeated next year. 

 One of the highlights of the year was hearing from two different customers that they had a couple carp live up to 19 years and 20 years.  While this is unsual and should not be expected, it's great news to share.  These fish were upwards of 40 inches and 30-40 lbs.  It is known that the older the fish are the less they eat, but it was clear the folks were happy to have had these senior fish with them so long.

We are winding down now, with only one scheduled shipment left this year before we close for winter.  Our next shipment will be along the I-64 corridor from Staunton to Williamsburg on Oct 24. 

Thanks to all our 2019 customers for making it one of our top 3 best years of sales.


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