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Thursday, June 21, 2018

June Stockings are Complete- and why I don't handle carp in the summer.

This year's abnormally high temperatures have reduced our spring stocking season by a couple weeks, so we will not be selling carp again until mid to late September. 

We know that weeds are most problematic in the summer, however handling carp in hot weather brings on health problems, and the stress of transport and introduction to ponds further increases these conditions.  Warm water during transport holds less oxygen, so keeping the water cooled to under 65 degrees is best, but many ponds are now over 87 degrees or even higher if your water is dark.  Therefore, fish must be slowly brought to pond temperature, or the stress can be fatal.  As the fish warm up during acclimation, they become much more active, and often the jumping and bumping into their tank mates causes them to lose protective scales.  Since our fish are GUARANTEED 5 days, we just don't take chances with known fish health problems.

 While we could sell a lot more fish this time of year, customers would likely be less satisfied with the results.



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