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Monday, January 19, 2015

Winter 2015- things to do and think about for your carp
Now that the water is cold, your carp won't be eating too much, but aquatic weeds don't grow much either.  Carp will over-winter fine, so long as they are contained in your pond, and nothing ate them (osprey, eagles, otter, etc). 

At this time of the year, clean or replace outlet screens to keep the carp in your pond in case of high water from spring storm runoff. 

If your carp are over 6-8 years old, I'd suggest replacing a good percentage of them.  If you haven't replaced any carp in 3 or 4 years, you might want to get out on a warm sunny spring day and see if you can spot any carp "grazing" in shallow water.  Another way to judge their age is by their length.  If they are over 26 inches long, they are starting to get up there in age.  Thier maximum length will be about 40 inches, at which point they aren't goipng tot be eating too much.  As carp age over 4 years, their appetites reduce along with their eating since their metabolism slows with age.  If you see an increase in early spring weed growth, I recommend replacing up to a quarter or half the fish to keep them actively eating your pond weeds.

We take orders all year long, but we rarely have carp to sell before Mid March.  If you think you will order carp, now is a good time to apply for your 2015 Importation Permit.  As soom as I get enough orders to bring in a full shipment of several hundred, I will call and let  you know when to expect the fish.
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