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Friday, May 30, 2014

Cool Spring, but the weeds are sure to appear. Order now!
This spring has been unexpectedly cool, with a lot of rain, resulting in ponds that stay cooler and clearer than they would in a normal year.  It seems to me that it's only a matter of time before it warms up, and the weeds will soon follow. 

If you are considering getting fish because your pond had issues last year, I recommend that you don't delay ordering.  We can only ship carp up to about July 1 plus or minus a week.  Carp are difficult to handle after the water they grow out in warms up in the south. It may be cool here but not where our supplier is.  They are infinitely more active so they lose more scales when handling, and they are less hardy.  It is  also not possible to put as many fish on a transport truck because warm water doesn't hold O2 as well as cold water, and therefore more expensive to procure.

So, please don't wait to order... or you risk not getting your fish until it cools off in late September.
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